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Though I am far too manly to cry, my wife is sobbing beside me.

Okay, I'm not that manly.

Really, truly beautiful.


Hank, you're in big trouble for making me cry just before I went out the door for training for my new job, yesterday! Did you know I had an invisible dog, Bill, who went everywhere with me after you moved away? He was little comfort.

We went through something similar twice with Liam. I know Henry will get through it and learn healthy things about life and friendship -- but knowing we could get Liam through it was almost worse. I hated the idea of him learning to let go of love.

You're very special -- an awesome friend, an awesome dad. Best wishes to Henry.

Michael Duenes

Nice threads, bro. Doubtless my own boys will have similar stories one day.

cindy Platt

Gosh I love this post. I sobbed when Sean read it to me. I needed more tonight. Maybe it is because we went to our new school and met our teachers today. Haley said the best part of her day was meeting her new teacher. The worst part of her day was that she misses her friends especially Henry. I felt like she was holding my heart in her hands and I was holding hers. I remembered Sean reading this to me and I let the tears I held onto flow like a river. Today Haley and I visited the post together and after we read it she said, "You know what will help us feel better? Letter writing!" Hope you are ready for another flood of letters.


I too, am a crier. My heart hurts for Henry and Haley. Things are against them staying close, I know. But I hope that even if their feelings turn into memories, those memories will be nourishing like the relationship had been. And I hope even more that the relationship finds them again.

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