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... and this is even cooler.


wow! what a wonderful affirmation of your daughter and who she is. she will remember this for the rest of your life.


i mean, her life. my goodness.


I found your blog through another blog I visit frequently and have been crazy thrilled about it. : ) Love the blog and LOVE the wonderful experience you and your daughter wee able to experience together with the family! How COOL is that???



How awesome is that! What a wonderful tribute to your daughter (and family for that matter) MixedandHappy is offering this book in a give away and I.Want.To.WIN.


This is so sweet. Your daughter is beautiful. I found you through honeysmoke. :)

LaRhue Williams

This child is absolutely stunning. My wife and I are an interracial couple and unfortunately didn't marry when we were younger. We married in recent months after reuniting via the internet. During the 70's there were few interracial couples in our midwwestern community, however every child I saw from this type of union had flawless skin and a complexion texture that is second to none. This child's photo exemplifies the natural beauty that god can create.

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