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Leslie Smith

So touching and so inspiring. He will make a difference.


It's amazing the strength children possess!
I liked what you had to say.

I am a relatively new dad of two daughters. Thanks for your insight!

From one Dad to Another,

Michael Duenes

Thanks for this, Hank. I think I willt share this story with some of my classes. In the midst of such terrible heartache, Jalen and his family are blessed to have friends like you and Leslie.

Elizabeth Holmes


Jalen is definitely wise beyond his years. Children have an amazing strength that is built-in, I think. Maybe it's because they are so fresh from God. To be sure, this family has borne more already than seems possible. I will pray for Jalen, and for his family. In the mean-time, he is blessed to know you and your family. Thank you for sharing Jalen's story with me. I will look forward to hearing how his treatments go, and where his journey takes him. He seems ready to face whatever comes his way -- what a brave person! It sure puts one's own "problems" into proper perspective. How can I help Jalen and his family? Let me know, and consider it done. Take care, and give all my best to Leslie!

Love, Elizabeth


Here I am crying again. Jalen will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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