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Joann Ludwig

Awesome! That was even better than having the hawk haunting our aviary for three days. Of course, you have experience with beak and talons flying at your face from Sam the cocketiel.

Julie Sundstrom

Great job Hank! Using a towel to pin the wings is exactly how to remove a hawk from your living room, unless of course you have large thick leather gloves handy!
Raptors are amazing to see up close. And yes, he was definitely the most frightened of all of you. Birds often have heart attacks and die when handled, though raptors tend to be a little less fragile in that regard.
I love the background commentary from Leslie - thinking that he is going to fly at her and attack her! Reminded me of times you carried spiders out for me. You did always like bringing them closer to my face before removing them, just to enjoy me getting more scared. Some things never change...

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