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I'm actually regulated to buying 5.00 wal-mart cheapos because all of mine get broken, lost, sit, dropped or stepped on.

I would also add to your suggestions...
-Don't be so hard on MiniVan driving men...

Have a great day..

Sue V.

Enjoy grocery shopping - take your time looking at all the different foods, and being able to choose whatever you want. There will come a day when you would rather go to the dentist than have to walk through the aisles with your children (in my case, 4 of them).
Also enjoy wearing delicate chain necklaces now!


I always say to my unmarried friends- don't 'go home early, because you think you should' when you're with a really great guy.....your future husband really won't be interested in your 'number' anyway (just be safe).
and..decorate your living space NOW before everything's a negotiation.
And for parenting- pre parenthood: THE BEACH. THE POOL. Read magazines, take long walks for slow coffees and slow strolls home. Dance. Sing in the car, to the music YOU love!

I will have to say though....we've got the 5.5 and 7 year old, and this summer has really shown me age makes all of the difference- we have been having some fun with friends, a little bit of fun at the beach, even a dinner party or two where the kids behaved and no one cried! I see a light where we can be social and all 4 have fun in the near future, and that there might be more wonderfulness on the horizon!

Joann Ludwig

Here's a letter to your-future-self: when your kids have their college summer jobs don't trust them to be saving their money. I'm sure there will be something that you would never dream could cost $110.

The mother of Shotgun Daddy

Scott (simplefather)

This is my first time to your site, and as the father of 2 daughters, I really dig the name.

That said, this is a great list. I can't remember the last time we were out past about 9 at night, just my wife and I. They say hindsight is 20/20, and that is never more apparent than after you have a kid.

maggie may

my blog is called Flux Capacitor :)

Julie Sundstrom

Hilarious list!

Definitely agree on the profane music one. A NOW compilation CD we bought for our trip had Ciara and Justin Timberlake's recent hit on it, and I've had to explain to Emma (twice) that it is not ok to walk around singing "Love and Sex and Magic" at age 7. Guess we shouldn't have played that one so much...

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