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  • This site has no agenda, and its author has no chip on his shoulder. He promises not to whine about "fatherhood equality," and he'll do his best not to sound superior. He is, afterall, just a dad. Instead, he promises to tell good stories about his three kids. That's about it.


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When my daughter's happen to get "gentlemen callers" (they're 3 yrs and 8 months old). If they pass the credit check, and it's time to meet me. Im going to set them in the most uncomfortable chair in the house and I will sit in it facing them. Our knees will be inches from one another. Behind me, I will either have a collection of various swords, or a wall of fake drivers licenses staples on fake MISSING posters of other boys his age.

I'd like to think I'm open minded


Cute story, but scary. I guess I could say that because I am a mother of a 13 year old boy who would be at the opposite end of the barrel. Now that my son is emerging into adolescence and discovering the wonders of the opposite sex, I have this constant image of this Big Giant, Bald Headed, Bouncer looking Daddy, with cascading muscles pouring out of his tight black shirt; arms crossed standing outside his front door waiting for my son’s explanation as to why he is exactly 1 minute and 32 seconds late from dropping his “daddy’s little girl” off past curfew.

Then there is this other fear were my expectations of a potential mate for my son are dwindled when I am introduced to the love of his life whose nose ring has a chain that connects to her right ear that seems to attract the 20 or so stars that she has tattooed on the side of her face; the very same black stars that match perfectly with her black lipstick.

But then, once again I have to keep reminding myself that my parents went through the same thing and we all came out ok - I think.

Joann Ludwig

In light of your last two posts, Hank, do you think Alison is preparing to kiss a few frogs?

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