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Wow the similarities are too uncanny. It’s like they saw your family on the street one day and decided to write a book. Hmmm, “Copyright Infringement”? :)

My son is 1/2 Black, 1/4 Filipino, and 1/4 Puerto Rican. Which also includes a mixture of Chinese, Spaniard, French, Cuban, and Caribbean Indian if you really want to get technical. The effects of being multi racial seemed to have surfaced in waves throughout his life, from questions to “Why can’t I have spiky hair like John?”, or him identifying himself with only one race in particular, while denying another. But now he embraces his mixed heritage with pride and views it more as a blessing than a burden. His mixture of friends is now vast in race and gender as well, but from time to time he does come across people that can be a bit brazen in their comments. The sad part is, most of these people are relatives. I sometimes argue with him, (In a literal sense, because he is now 13 and it comes with the territory, trust me you’ll be getting that soon enough too) that he needs to defend himself, because I can only fight so many battles for him. He is working on it and getting better with time.

Your daughter is beautiful by the way, I am going to give you my son’s number so in about 20 years from now maybe she can call......Oh wait, what was the title of your blog again?

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