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Joann Ludwig

Oh, Hank, what a heart wrenching ordeal for Dakota and for all the people in her life who thought she had a chance. If she had been one you thought was already lost she probably would not have been caught. Maybe some angel will keep her together during what will probably be the worst time of her life so far.

Love, Mom

Father of Five

8th grade... Just old enough to not understand the severity of the cirumstances, yet old enough to get into some trouble for it too.

I hate to think that this bad decision would ruin her entire life. I think she is young enough to be able to work past it. I hope she is not an addict herself (at this young age).

What really needs to happen in this case, is to go after the scumbag who would put an 8th grade girl up to selling at her school. Now that is the trash the book should be thrown at.

Nicely done post!

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