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Being mixed-race myself and my wife being half black/ half white, this election meant so much to me. I have enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to this because we all have been touched beyond just a presidential election.

It's like anything is possible.

Great post.

Alex J

I am also a product of mixed races and I believe that Obama will bring "a change we can believe in!" Yes we can, and yes we did! GOBAMA!

Love to Uncle Hank <3,


Julianne (Field) Stirling

Hank, at 11:04 pm est November 4th 2008 I emailed Brad and Elissa with tears streaming down my cheeks saying how I wished we were all together for this incredible moment in history. I know this means the world to you, but I was thinking of your heart swells.

Elissa Field T

Hank, That's beautiful. You know, I moved from our mixed race neighborhood in Southfield to still-segregated and racially charged communities in GA and NC, at one point bussed into the inner city and taught by an old Reverend who had marched with MLK Jr and Sr, who spent most of our days telling stories about his life as a black man in the South from the '30s-70s. I could expand on that -- insights from friendships and varying communities going into adulthood, from homogenous neighborhoods to the mixed race neighborhood I live in now (in a community where cultures tend to self-segregate)...
You've been with me through it all, in a question that came to me most clearly after college: how could races be so divided if two of them could exist at once in my childhood best friend? So know, if nothing else, your presence has made a difference -- for me, for how I carry myself and how I raise my children.
And I'm with you on Obama. He is an amazing, accomplished man (as a man, a politician, a husband, a father) and I like that people admire his character and accomplishments enough to not reduce discussions of him to race only. But what an exciting change in times that America is not just accepting, but cheering in the streets to have a mixed race African American to be the man to represent us!
My boys went with me to vote too, and had our picture taken at the poll to remember the day.

Mocha Dad

The American Dream is finally being realized.


Great post. What a day that was. I still can't quite believe it.

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