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  • This site has no agenda, and its author has no chip on his shoulder. He promises not to whine about "fatherhood equality," and he'll do his best not to sound superior. He is, afterall, just a dad. Instead, he promises to tell good stories about his three kids. That's about it.


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Kids will always simplify things if they need to, but isn't it better to have a solid foundation of ideas to build on?

And, kids keep surprising us with their insights. Giving them an "easy" story, I think, just pre-determines that they won't have the chance to do so.


Both parents in our household are non-believers and we've found it relatively easy to just tell it the way we think it is. I'd find it much harder to give them explanations I don't believe in. Many elements of religious narrative and symbolism defy credibility anyway. As my youngest son once commented about heaven: "Isn't it getting rather full up there?"

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