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Joann Ludwig

Don't get to optimistic about the trips to the emergency room. I believe I had to take you to have your 7th set of stitches when you were a Sr. in High School. Fortunately you were away at college when you broke your elbow falling of the goal post after big game. Your friends took you in then.

Father of Five

Sorry, chiming in here a little late - but my feed reader was FULL, and I have been busy with the holiday season... So I am just catching up.

#1 - our #5 of 5 has the same. Was this the first "incident" that it happened? For us - once it popped out once, it started popping out quite a bit... To the point our Pediatrician just showed my wife how to fix it herself, and what to give her to alleviate the discomfort.

#2 - Here's a little bit more of a tip regarding Toys R Us. Toys R Us is not a good place to be pretty much anytime... Not just on or around December 15th (although I can imagine how much WORSE it would be on or around December 15th.) Oh, I think the Mother of Five does not mind going to Toys R Us, pretty much any time of the year, and during "of-peak" hours it is not so bad... but it usually entails the draining of my bank account for one reason or another... and so it is (in my mind) not a good place to be!!!


OMIGOD nursemaid's elbow... we did that too. It's a horrible feeling, innit? "I broke her!"


Funny, that, I still pick her up by the arms. Makes my wife furious :(

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