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Love the blog! As a new dad, I've gotten a ton of great parenting tips and ideas from It's a fantastic resource; I really highly recommend it.

Joann Ludwig

I was remembering those days of you at Magnolia parading through the neighborhood. Holloween has not been hi-jacked in Pleasanton. Both Rett at his church preschool and Emma at her public elementary paraded through the parking lot. Emma's principal was the top banana and her teacher was the Good Witch of the West.


I've been reading for a while and always enjoy your post. The children are simply beautiful. I'm from Texas and, as you can imagine, Texans tend to side on the right of "left and right". This too is serious Bible belt country. Both my husband and I are educators in public schools. Every district around our area recognizes Halloween as a "Fall Festival." The children have Halloween themed parties and are allowed to dress in their costumes, albeit, they try to encourage them to dress as literary or storybook characters. Nonetheless, the kids come as they would on Halloween night and everyone has a delightful time including the parade around the school. I seem to recall that you are from California. From this "side of the pond" it seems to me that in our efforts to be PC, we've lost a lot of the innocence of our own childhoods. In your neck of the woods, the religious right might wield a large stick. My perception is that California, as a whole, is much more liberal and therefore, I think it is more a product of political correctness run amok. God forbid a brave pirate or lovely snow princess offend someone’s sensibilities. Thanks for the discourse.


I happened to be on my annual business trip to LA on the night of Halloween. We had a dinner in a very nice restaurant in Venice and the whole staff were dressed up as various ghouls and weirdos. Coming from Munich, we were surprised to see one of the girls had chosen to wear a Bavarian 'dirndl' dress. OK, so 'Old Europe' is now on the same level as the Munsters. That's fine, really, no problem. We drink blood for breakfast...

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