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  • This site has no agenda, and its author has no chip on his shoulder. He promises not to whine about "fatherhood equality," and he'll do his best not to sound superior. He is, afterall, just a dad. Instead, he promises to tell good stories about his three kids. That's about it.


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I always think it's amazing that siblings can come from the same gene pool and grow up in the same environment, but turn out so different. That paragraph about Henry made me laugh.


ages ago, when i was a college aide for you, i always knew you would be a fantastic parent. now, reading your kid descriptions, i am certain you are.

congrats on such a wonderful life!


Re: Henry. I am laughing. I am laughing so hard that I have pain in my chest. Luckily my left arm feels fine, so there's no need to feel guilty.

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