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First we need to make a useful grocery list - that means as long as we remember what we need. Then we have to remember to take it to the store ...
At least honey has long shelf life in the pantry. Maybe this is what you need-
mobile shopping list

Hygiene Dad

The ultimate Honey-do's


Wow, that's like a ten-year supply of honey! I'm like that too. Either I come home from the store without having bought what I need, or I forget that we already have it and buy another. Once I even typed up a big master grocery list, so I could just highlight what we needed that week. . .but I forget to use it.

Robert and Angela Pedersen

From one dad to another I can not understand why the “Blog fathers” are not covering this incredible father story. I have written them all before and still to blog coverage. If the Blog Fathers are blogging for fathers this is something that is happening to a ton of fathers. Huge Blogs like Crooks and Liars have covered this story! Please cover. Thanks
Robert Pedersen


First, I see that the Pedersens have gotten to you too.

Second, at least two of those bottles aren't organic so you can be forgiven of those.


Oh my. "none of those things make for entertaining reading" -- are you sure? Let the readers decide! :)

I've been known to buy an extra thing or two when I wasn't sure if we were out, but man you had 5 honey containers you forgot about ;)

Jason Goroncy

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I'm new to dad-blogging but it seems that there's quite a nifty community of us around. Keep posting ... and playing!


Since we stopped frying food and only use the skillet for browning or sautéing food, I've been on a cooking spray binge. I keep thinking we're out and every time I come back from the store. My husband finally told me that I am not to buy another can of cooking spray until he specifically adds it to the list.

I took a picture of my cooking spray next to a bottle of honey.

Angie in Texas

at least you're buying consistently. (*i am so anal retentive i have an excel spreadsheet for grocery shopping . . . i need help.)

visiting from cry it out . . .


Great website. Are you trying to play with my close current I have a good fresh joke for you! What has more lives than a cat? A frog. It croaks every night.

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