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Another wonderful story. I'm always delighted to come home every evening to my kids but within the space of an hour I'm wondering if they are ever, ever, finally going to go to bed. Free at last, indeed.


I feel your pain. Nice, long, sunny days are fine for kids, crappy for us. Last week I was playing with my boy in the yard while my wife was working late. She told me to feed him early and get him ready for bed. We played and played, and the sun was still shining brightly. By the time I realized it was 7pm, the wife was home and I had screwed up the evening. And yes, the principal is right, we should read to our kids every night, but sometimes life gets in the way!

L.A. Daddy

It hasn't been too bad for us. But then, there's only one little one in the house right now. She does want to go outside now - after dinner - but I can usually distract her with shiny sparkley things. For now.


Wow, sounds like my house. Oh I know what you mean about the PAGES they have to do and then they want us to read to them and them to read to us. Yeah, that doesn't always happen on our schedule.

Oh have you heard some schools want to try keeping the kids for an hour longer. I hope that doesn't happen, I can only imagine schedules then.

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