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I can't believe she wrote that. It's kind of funny and sad at the same time. It sounds like she knew exactly what buttons to push. She must be smart.

I put K in her room to play by herself often, sometimes for my own sake rather than as a discipline tactic. Better than yelling.

(BTW, regarding your comment, I'm just taking a break. Nothing bad happened.)


I have never known why of all things to carve into wood, write into cement, or spray paint on walls, children decide to go with their name. Had she gone with a four letter word then maybe she could cast "reasonable doubt" and blame it on the 17 month old. Clearly a stretch, actually not a very good defense at all, but that didn't stop OJ. :)


I have never written before but I just had to comment on this one. I remeber as a kid I was a little tyrent and was sent to my room on numerous occasions. I remember being so angry that the only way to vent my frustration was to say something really hurtful like: “I hate you mommy!”, or “Your so mean!”.

I also clearly remember trying to escape from my imprisonment by digging my way through the laminate tiles using a wire hanger. Some how I believed that if I had dug deep enough I could reach my friends house down the street, play all day and that my parents would never know because I would cover the hole up with my throw rug.

I’m a lot older now and kinda past that phase, but I had my share of experiences with my eleven year old as well. If you think its hard now wait until their 11. I have also come to realize that kids are people to, (just smaller, smellier and can't fully comprehend certain emotions), their ways of being angry are just slightly different than ours.

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