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Very, very funny!!!

I had to laugh yesterday when I saw these blurbs on a mug!!!


That's really funny. I especially like the "dance like you don't want people pointing and laughing" line. You should make your own t-shirts.


Hahaha. that made my day. thanks :D

Kurt Schroeder

I think you would find humor in the following re-examinations of famous sayings:


Dance like you don't need money,

Love like nobody's listening;

Sing like it's heaven on earth.

Live like nobody's watching;

Work like you've never been hurt.


haha, so good. We plan to print it and put on the back of the bathroom door. Like what the fuck do you neef insperational thoughts for at a time like that.


I think you missed the point there dude... the quote is supposed to deal with 'imagination' and not 'logic'... that's why neither the quote itself nor your explanation make any sense...


Sorry to burst your bubble....I'm working like i don't need the money, although i do earn it. I cant believe I get paid for what I do...I love my career so much! day my career was my hobby.... now i get paid for doing my hobby =)
- Hairdresser.

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