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Could it maybe be a middle-child thing? It seems like he really wants your attention, and when he isn't getting it he acts out. (I have a niece who's a middle child and she is the same way, sweet when she's the only kid around, but a terror when she's with her brothers.) I would keep doing those one-on-one outings, because it sounds like that's what he needs from you right now.


I agree w/ weigooksaram! Perhaps that's just what he needs to be daddy's boy!

chocolate makes it better

I'm sure kids get possessed by the devil at a certian age!!

Mine's not there yet


That is such a lovely story. I have a boy who wakes up in the morning and the first thing he says is 'No!', as well. But he's the youngest. My daughter, the middle child, does it sometimes too but it's frequently the going-to-bed which is her chosen battlefield.
There is a lot to be said for the 'divide and rule' method (does that saying come from the Romans?). Two things are in really short supply with three or more kids: time to yourself - and one on one situations. They are something very special. (And the even rarer one on one situations between the parents are even more special!)

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