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Homework? In kindergarten? Please, no! What does a 5-year-old need with homework? They'll get started with that soon enough.

And it's not just because I didn't do my homework, either.


Wow, that sounds a bit excessive for kindergarten. You're scaring me. I never did my homework either, and I turned out just fine.


You should have had Henry make that thing. Glue. Paper. Done.


My son had homework in KG last year. Like your daughter, it was a packet that he brought home on Monday and he turned in on Friday.

I liked that better than what we are getting this year in first grade. This year he brings home a couple of pages each night that are due the next day.

It sure fit our family's schedule much better to be able to divy it out ourselves last year! Now, inevitably, the most difficult assignment of the week will be a night we have something else to do.

Oh yeah...and that following in the parent's husband refers to that as, "my mother's curse" as she has always said "I hope you have a child just like you" and it appears to have happened, LOL!

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