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Re. 5) I'm always amazed at how much kids need to categorise everything, not just with the superlatives (mine's bigger!) but also what comes next (what's the second fastest car in the world? And the third? And the fourth?)


I don't know what's going on in your house, but in mine....things are in order! My kids decide on their own when they are finished playing with certain toys and then take the initiative to dispose of them in the nearest trash can. We have absolutely no "extra" clutter nor "extra" toys. The key word being "extra" and unfortunately, "extra" is determined by the elite group of "3" and neither Lark nor I am a member. You do the Math!


And did you know that sometimes when *you're* not looking, some of your toys get recycled too?

Oops, the secret's out.

Sandra D

Your #5 reminds me of another errant inflatable:

It's a hilarious story -- I thought you might enjoy it, too.


Sigh...we only have one child and it feels like we're overwhelmed with baggage. Maybe it's because we live in an apartment but sometimes I can't walk more than 5 feet with stepping on a toy. I don't mind (except when it happens in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom!)


I nearly broke my ankle last night, stepping on a tiny Air Force One.

Kel - pajama day

hehehe - done it!

ALL of the above!

one of my other favorites is "jail and bail" - if I find it on the floor it goes to "jail" and if you want it back it's a quarter! (loved the time I confiscated the wallet and DD#1 had to borrow $ from DD#2 to get back her shoes.)


I have a friend that empties out half the toy box 2x a year and doesn't mention it to his kids. They have never noticed! Me I throw away any toy I find that is smaller than the palm of my hand. Unless it is a car or train, I like cars and trains.

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