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Hey, we could have a competition: who can come up with the shortest list? Or perhaps I should be ashamed of myself for that thought. Anyway, I drew up a list for my son, aka Junior Chef, and I couldn't get past 12 items, but it did include one item of fruit (bananas) and if you count the fact that he will now suck pieces of mandarin but not eat them, we could add another half a point.

Joann Ludwig

Even before the school lunch people spoke, ketchup was a veggie at our house. The other veggie was apple sauce.
Shotgun Daddy's Mama


Out of all the genes you passed to our kids (apparently they got all the good stuff from you), the one gene that I wish I passed on was the "Food Tolerance" gene. Because, you know, I can only take so much Skippy Peanut Butter.


I don't know what Musubi (with salt, not spam) is, but that is pretty much what my 9 year old daughter will eat. She occasionally surprises us, but it has been a battle all of her life. I think some kids are just wired that way. One thing I refuse to buy when we eat out is plain spaghetti. I hate paying 4 bucks for a bowl of pasta that cost all of 20 cents to make. Nuts I say!
Good luck and I know exactly how you feel... my one happy feeling about this is my daughter will not have the weight problems I faced liking every food on the planet! teehee


You got off easy.

The boy will only eat.

-peanut butter sandwiches
-chicken tv dinner, only the one that comes with brownie
-microwave pizza in any form (but only pepperoni as a topping/stuffing)
-french fries
-hamburgers plain and dry
-instant potatoes (no matter how much you mash the real ones he will not eat them)

That's it!


Eva, you know what's weird? If I weren't absolutely certain that I'm still alive, I'd say that you were raising a reincarnated version of me. Sure, things like peanut butter, french fries, and plain hamburgers are common fare for the finicky, but would you believe that I love broccoli, too? Normal people don't even like broccoli, but it's one of the few vegetables that I've ever liked. Very odd.


The other night, I told Bean that it was absolutely unacceptable to only eat spinach for dinner. For, if a food doesn't have spinach, we aren't eating it (spinach pasta and ravioli, spinach nuggets, spinach lasange, spinach spinach spinach. The only exception? Kix.

As for me, i would eat virtually anything, as long as it wasn't touching anything else on the plate. Salads and mixed veggies were always trouble growing up and I had to dip my pasta in the sauce.


What about taquitos? I thought you all were living on those for a while.

That would be my last meal - taquitos. YUM!!

Feet Bottom Peeling

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