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We didn't have Jerry, we had "Wesley." Imagine my husband's reaction when I showed him this picture I took at my daughter's preschool.


I love posts like this. I think it's always amazing to look back and see where you've been, and posts like these really demonstrate the true changes and developments in your life. Thanks for sharing.


"about as important here as clocks in a casino."

I'll have to remember that one.


Do you have a favorite wife too?

You know, one day you might favor the Chipper Wife. Another day you may despise the Fussy Wife etc., etc!


Good to know about the potty-training/ library incident. I'm making a mental note to pack extra clothes for emergencies.

I often think about all of the things I've learned since I became a parent. The thing is, I know my younger self probably wouldn't have listened to my older self's advice. We all just have to stumble blindly through it and do the best we can. (I have learned a lot from reading the blogs of people with older kids, though.)


It is almost ten years to the day since I should have received a letter like that. Item number one would be: when your wife, at 11 o' clock at night, after 15 hours in the hospital and the birth of your first child and the the most momentous day in your lives so far, asks you to go halfway across town to fetch her a pizza from her favourite pizzeria which will be cold by the time you bring it back, don't plead exhaustion - just do it.

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