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I'm hoping to God that you just didn't jinx us!!!! Gah!

dad on a wire

Oh my gosh! My daughter is at the same stage, just about at the same time. We went the other way, and now besides going poddy right before bed (at about 8:00pm), we wake her up to go when we're heading to bed (about midnight). That's the only way to keep her from wetting the bed pretty much every night, and condemning ourselves to horrible sleep because she climbs into bed with us and smacks us while she's sleeping.


My daughter just finished (crossing fingers) going through this exact same thing. We used Leslie's method for about 3 weeks and now for the past week she has either held it through the night or gotten up and gone by herself. I never realized just how happy the phrase "I held my pee." could make me.


hi. first time commenter here. we are also going thru potty training, but not yet done wit h the daytime training, so we haven't moved into the night. your post made me wonder if anyone has ever tried putting the kid potty in their room at night. is this an absurd idea?


Our 2 1/2 year old is potty training right now too. Just started at the new year. He is currently holding it through the night. Although we are being cautious right now since it hasn't been long since we started and we are so damn tired (we also have a newborn). So he sleeps in diapers right now.

The real problem is that he doesn't like to go poop. He has pooped his underwear while standing looking at the toilet twice now and most of the time he just holds it in. We are now going on day two with no poo. We have stopped stressing that he shouldn't go in his pants and are just telling him he needs to let it out however he wants. What seems to work the best is just stripping him down. He doesn't like going on the floor. Of course that only works while we are at home.

Nice blog BTW. My first time here.


It can take a long time for them to achieve nighttime dryness. My 7 year old still needs a nighttime pull-up.


Hello stupid pendosegi.o

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