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Chocolate Makes it Better

I have only one thing to say.

Mwwwaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha.

I was sitting in a big chair stroking a cat when I said that.

That's pretty damn inventive 10 out of 10 SGD


I found your site through TTU and I think I will buy a fake security system next year. The Victoria's Secret post had me laughing out loud. I love doing that at 7:30 in the morning, it makes the whole day go better.


Doh!! I so need to get one of those! My 4 kids are 11-3 and would totally straighten up if I had one.

What an awsome marketing idea! SantaVision-direct from the NorthPole!


Hank! You're a GENIUS.

I'm sticking this in my one-day pile of tips!


Ha! You are an evil genius. I can't wait until my child is old enough to fall for this.


That is classic! I can just imagine the therapy sessions later in life ;) My mum used to tell me I was the BEST cup of tea maker in the world....

Daniel Shurz

We don't even have kids yet and this is one I won't forget. We'll have to find the Jewish replacements (Chanukah doesn't have this figure to easily use for the Santa Cam). Your blog is great, SGD.


I just have to say how very cool you really are. What a great idea1


Oh, that is too good. I can't wait to try this.

I laughed out loud when you caught your daughter praying in the hallway.

Too funny.

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