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So this is how it happens, eh? Right now, my oldest is only 2, so I still have total control over the stereo selections. I have, however, contemplated what her future selections might be: Avril Levigne or Marilyn Manson? Yo Yo Ma or Tanya Tucker? The field is wide open, though I suspect she'll most likely land on "Daddy Cant' Stand It."


I like reading your blog because I recognize all the local points of reference. My husband and I listen to KJazz and 103.1, and also Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW.

K likes country, dance music, and anything from the eighties. Lately I've been playing an endless loop of the Talking Heads for her. Hey, whatever keeps her quiet in the car.


If it is any consolation, my father would be nodding his head in agreement but giving you solace in the fact that eventually the daddy's girls come around to your way of thinking.

Don't get me wrong, you have SEVERAL years of bad music coming your way (just thank your lucky stars that it appears NKOTB will NOT be doing a reunion album), but one day she will come home from college and want to talk about this new band she is listening to that sounds a whole lot like Death Cab for Cuties.

Trust me on this...


My son is 32 months old and he already has musical preferences. Of course his choice in music is the only type of music I find hard to listen to...Jawaiian!!


The severe lack of decent radio stations in this country made me check out the indy 103. website and you are right, great staion! I'm listening to it right now (all hail the internet!).
I think as parents we have to listen to good music just to postpone the phase of "Turn that noise down!!". God, what will that be? Shudder.

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