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Ummm, Hank? Aren't you forgetting something? How about....

5...The number of times the Stanford football team choked last Saturday.

21...The number of unanswered points UCLA scored.

1...Number of Cal alumni watching the game in NYC and wondering when would be a good time to e-mail Hank.

Just kidding, my friend. Glad you had a nice break and caught up on some sleep. More posting, please!


So it's come to this -- I've got people using my comments section to run smack on the Mighty Card. But MetroDad speaks truth: the Card took a big fall on Saturday. Another silver lining from the trip was that I didn't get to watch the entire collapse, only the short but painful overtime.

So enjoy this vicarious victory, MetroDad. I hope it keeps you warm until Nov. 19th.


Sorry to interrupt this regularly schedule football smack talking session...

I know that it isn't nice to laugh at others misfortune, but sweey jeebus, your "are we there yet?" response has added years to my life.


Oh the Red Robin is one evening I'd like to forget. . . bah!

So funny. Querido.


Go Bears! Oh, wait, anyway, came over here from Leslie's site. Sounds like you had an interesting "vacation." If I were still in SLO County, I would have loved to have met you ... I think. And the pizza place? Must have been Woodstock's.


Rollicking good read! I do want to temper how much I laugh, because we aspire one day to have little people of our own...and karma, she can be fierce. I love the Henry poo bomb thought! Glad you caught up on lots of sleep, though!


HA HA, I'm laughing at your expense and in total sympathy. I hear you about the 405, the non-vacation and a lot more and I only have ONE kid! Came over here from Your Wife's site--
whatdo ya expect with a name like Snowbear?
I'll be back to see if you can provide me with more entertainment!

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