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What a beautiful post. You captured the moment beautifully. I almost felt like I was there in the stands watching the game.


I've always thought that there were so many benefits to girls' playing sports and I plan on raising my daughter in a similar way. It's been shown so many times that girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, have more positive body image, learn to be more assertive, develop leadership skills, achieve greater academic success and are less likely to get involved in destructive relationships. The list goes on and on.

I hope more fathers like you choose to include sports in their daughters' lives. It pains me when I see fathers spend time tossing a ball with their sons but leaving their daughters to play with their mothers. They're missing out not only on some great experiences but also some wonderful memories.

Kudos to you, Hank. Alison is lucky to have you as her pop.

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