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Did you then proceed with,
"Okay kids, yesterday we were learning about LAKE TITICACA. . . so let's turn to PAGE 69. . . "


I've always had this thing where I no longer care what people are reading. It's just important that they're reading SOMETHING! That being said, it's more than a little disturbing to look around the subway car and see grown adults reading comic books, trashy romance novels, kiddie books or the National Enquirer. Ha! And they said reading was a lost art!


no wonder you're sitting around polishing the smooth gun metal of that pump-action shotgun, being exposed to the social lives of eighth-grade girls all day, fully knowing that your own daughter will one day ripen and get tossed into that den of wolves.

Keep her reading, keep her reading, keep her reading. . .


My 4th and 5th graders found the word "sex" in the dictionary. My response was, "Yes, it is a word. It also refers to gender, male and female." To which one student explaimed, "I can't believe the teacher is talking about sex." *sigh*

Chocolate Makes it Better

hate to see the field trip for that one!


From the mouths of babes...

often come things that will shock the soul.

BTW, I came by way of Dutch and I am enjoying it.

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