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Beautiful. Touching.

Now I feel like such an asshat for writing a post on Monday about how I don't like baseball anymore.

Seriously, you're post answers a question I have had for some time. Part of the reason a love of sport perpetuates is because of a bond between a father and his child, a bond based on powerfully emotional experiences watching sports together in childhood or even, in your case, a bond that stretches between the living and the dead.

Thanks for sharing this.


I can't believe I did a you're for a your.

Perhaps I should spend a few days in your class, SD, I could probably stand to diagram a sentence or two.


Very touching. Thank you for sharing!


Beautifully touching, Hank. I hadn't known that about your father before. I think it partly explains why you're such an amazing and involved father. And I especially love how you've used sports to connect with your kids in ways that have nothing to do with competition or ego (like your post awhile back on Alison scoring her first basket.) I find it all very inspiring and hope that I can take the same approach with my child (or children).

Thanks for sharing.


This is truly beautiful and touching. Baseball is something that I share with my father, although I do ahve the pleasure to continue to enjoy it with him.

There is something about the sport that is timeless and perfect for father/child bonding. The care and effort it takes to learn the game and the scroekeeping, the length of the games(and how, when inside a ball park everything else seems to slow down for a while), the smells and sounds...

Thank you for letting me take a moment to remember the important things.

ann adams

I'm grateful to Dutch for sending me here. What a beautiful tribute.

I grew up in the late 40's and early 50's in upstate New York listening with my favorite uncle to the Brooklyn Dogers.

It started my love of baseball which has continued to this day and I'll always associate the game in my mind with my uncle, me, an ancient radio, and Vin Scully.

The Giants and I moved to S. F.about the same time. With the Dogers in L. A., I started (reluctantly) following the Giants. I've since learned to love them.

However, to this day, when Vin does the playoffs, I mute the t.v. and listen to him. The memories come right back.


Thank you for sharing such a touching story. I lost my father at an early age. I think something like that has the ability to shape how you want to be as a parent.

Your father would be proud.


i need to email you, but can't find any way to. please email me!

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