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The selfless generosity of those who can least afford to give is the most touching thing in the world. Great post. The charity of young Katherine is truly moving.

On a side note, I have a strong feeling that you're one of those educators whose students remember 20 years from now and remember as a positive and formative influence on their life. Kudos to you.


That is such a moving story! I am teary after having read it. Being 13 is one of those ages where self easily can gobble up importance over anything and everything else. Being able to surpass that is admirable. You've got a great group of kids!


Wow that was very touching. I enjoy the way you write. Very personable.

Feel free to stop by my blog:


It's so important for kids that age to realize that lesson.


My goodness! It was much different reading this story than it was hearing it over the dinner table!

Sweet Katherine. And I can just picture her bank with her scrawl on it. Kids do listen. They do care. They do rise above our expectations.


What a sweet story.


Absolutely beautiful- brought me to tears.

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