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I like your thinking. We have implemented your strategy on a somewhat limited basis here in Sweden. If you go to any café/restaurant you will see lots of strollers outside. Some will be empy but many will be filled with sleeping kids. It's very common that you leave kids sleeping in their stroller while parents enjoy some food and some quietness. Thi spplies both to sinter and summer. The restaurants/cafe´s do have some large windows so you can see if your kid wakes up. We like to leave the kids outside but they are still treated slightly better than dogs.

Your initila reaction might be that Scandinavian parents are irresposible idiots but it really works out well, both for kids and parents, and I have never heard of any problems. We do of course bring the kids inside if they are awake. But perhaps your idea about leaving them outside deserves more thought....



Um, it gets easier as the kids get older. We don't even need to industrial size roll of antacids anymore. It's nice. Hint: bring paper and crayons in gallon sized ziplock bags, so you can enjoy the coffee.


I laughed when I read your description of the normal routine. That's exactly how it is. My husband and I have pretty much given up on going out to dinner with the kid. We either get a babysitter or just have takeout.


Someday soon (like in 18 years), we'll be able to take leisurely dinners again. But by then we'll miss the chaos, I'm sure.

On second thought, maybe not.

Not-For-Profit Dad

Too funny. Awesome post.


Agreed, excellent post. Those rules should be tattoo'd on every baby's chest when they hand them to you in the hospital.

I too, look at those scruffy-ass mutts leashed to parking meters in trendy neighborhoods and wonder how their owners got such good dogs. My childhood dogs always did stuff like eat through drywall or bark incessantly for four hours when left to their own devices.

And crap, we're already the parents who look at other people's kids who sleep on planes or politely introduce themselves to relatives they meet for the first time with longing. I'm sure it's all a matter of training. I had a friend who was really into dog training. He showed me his "hot box"--- a cardboard box he put the puppy in under heat lamps when the puppy was bad. I told him he was a freak and he told me I was weak.

We are weak. Oh well.


I know your routine very well, one more step that we do is check if it's "Kids Eat Free" night. If you're going to suffer, you might as well suffer on a budget.

Kathleen Rossi

So funny... I need to take notes here, let's see in some future incarnation of the life of Shawn and Kathleen we'll have to delete appetizers, dessert, and coffee from our normal restaurant routine... hmm... now I'm suddenly daydreaming about the line-up of strollers outside the restauants in Sweden. ;)

We really enjoyed our night out with you and Leslie, you two need to get your Disneyland passes now so we can meet up there sometime too. Think Skeeball!! :D

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