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Okay when you say we can file it.

Don't you really mean we can [finger quotes]file it[/finger quotes]? Cuz, um, you're usually (frantically) searching for X, Y, or Z in moments of crisis (i.e Sunday).

I bet Brent carries his med card. Brent?


Hehehe! I'm scared to even attempt to do this to my purse. :D


Welcome to the other side my friend....and yes, I do have my health insurance card along with the following cards: CDL, ATM, credit card (plus three additional cards in case card #1 fails for some never has. I'll file the other three tonight), AAA, Aquarium of the Pacific, Costco, video store (not necessary as I just use my phone number, I'll file it tonight), library cards for LB and OC, car insurance card. Another key to a slimmer, trimmer wallet....don't carry any money. Enjoy your life. I give you a month until things start creeping back in.

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