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  • This site has no agenda, and its author has no chip on his shoulder. He promises not to whine about "fatherhood equality," and he'll do his best not to sound superior. He is, afterall, just a dad. Instead, he promises to tell good stories about his three kids. That's about it.


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That's the first time I really looked at the x-ray! Ouch!!

Thanks for being super dad. I had forgotten about the cereal on the floor incident. . .that was the longest fricken day ever. Ever.


Thanks for sharing Hank. I'd like to know how things go on Wednesday so keep us posted. I've picked up a little something for Henry today because when your arm is in a cast you need to be pampered. Good luck!

Double Whoppers ....... *sigh*


I just wanted to thank you both for sharing your story, and compliment you on your writing! Both 'versions' were wonderful to read, even though the ordeal was clearly not-so-wonderful!
All the best for a speedy recovery, Henry.
(PS> I found your blog through Trixie's site)


"Because I'm black, I can't afford an ambulance."

Um, I'm putting that on a a t-shirt and wearing it. And I'm not black.


What a meanie nurse. Glad everyone is well.

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