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  • This site has no agenda, and its author has no chip on his shoulder. He promises not to whine about "fatherhood equality," and he'll do his best not to sound superior. He is, afterall, just a dad. Instead, he promises to tell good stories about his three kids. That's about it.


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So glad you now have a daddy blog....this should be so much fun to read!!!
I've long forgotten about our tattoed pal. At least he didn't confess that our baby was "breathtaking" a la Seinfeld. Cuz, you know, I would have laffed!

Norman Hilbert


Great story! I am really looking forward for more. Hope you will keep posting until the first of your enemies cross your door!

Keep going & good luck with your family,



I know the feeling as I have the two most beautiful girls in the entire world and I am sure the boys will come...but they will fall fast and hard when they learn that my brother is a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. Yeah, I know, I know. He lives in Pennsylvania. But, hopefully by then air travel will be cheaper and quicker. Oh, by the way, offers layaways and doesn't require the 15 day waiting period!! Just in case...


Hi Hank - I come by way of Leslie's blog. I've seen pictures of your kids and you better rename your blog "AK-47 Daddy" because they're absolutely beautiful.

Peter Flaschner

Maybe if we all go in together, we can get a group discount!


Hey, just stumbled over here and I love it. Always looking for cool sites. Yours looks great. Looking forward to reading more.

Antonio Huggins

Ho Ho Ho! I have been saying that exact thing for lo these last 23 years. My oldest daughter Michelle is a gorgeous 22 and my baby daughter, Christina is 19.

I can't believe I survived. But I did. No grandkids, no drama. It is possible - so good luck. One way I think it worked was I was completely honest with my kids. I used myself and my family and friends as object lessons. Painful and embarassing sometimes but in the end - worth it.

A strong faith in God helped us all, as well.

My heart goes out to you. God Bless all of you.



Must make you proud!


Wonderful site! I've been trying to find 'daddy' blogs that are actually about children and fatherhood, and this is fantastic!

I've added you to my blogroll - stop by for a visit sometime!



I have 2 DD and I am loving reading this blog (outloud to DH!)

Tammy Dickinson

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The show is at and we put out 4 videos a week ranging from reviews to a lounge, lab and entertainment video.
Your Shot Gun Daddy blog is great and I was hoping you would check out our show and let your readers know about us -- your blog talks about many similar topics as DadLabs.
Let me know what you think.

Myah santorini

Hello shotgun daddy! I recently stumbled on your blogs when googling something. I'm glad i googled. This website is actually something that really makes my day reading. This really is an amazing blog. Thank you for being awesome!

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