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You might find it interesting to note that we have no such difficulties in our house. Everyone uses "inside voices" at all times and all parties involved exercise immediate obedience when asked to depart, clean up, exit the pool, or when faced with any such parental request.


My responses are to laugh + to say "aww" simultaneously. :D

Sweetie Pie

Years from now, we'll look back at this and laugh. (Ha! You knew I'd say that, huh?)

For now, though, we'll just *sigh*.


The fact that Henry stands his ground when you pretend to leave says a lot about you as a parent. He trusts that you would never, ever leave him. Congratulations on being a loving father who makes your children feel safe and confident.


Henry's my fave.
That boy's got spunk!


One of our nieces, also a second child, is of the same nature: unphased by being left alone. Her mother tested her once, telling her goodbye, walking out the door with the older one (who was sobbing, "No, we can't leave her behind!"), just to see what would happen. When her mother looked in the window, she was still sitting there playing - it didn't matter to her that she was two years old and home alone.

It sounds like maybe a newspaper rolled up in your back pocket at all times wouldn't be a bad idea.

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