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Sweetie Pie

And as I'm reading this very post, as if on cue, Alison has just shouted, "Henry just peed his pants."

Ahem....we have more slithery snakes. Will they ever go away?


Classic! Having no children I'd be gritting my teeth. Great story and definitely one to bring out when she turns 18! ;)


As I am reading this, I am reminded of my own similar experiences with "toilet teaching." Although, I was blindly holding on to the old adage, "Time heals all wounds" until I read your accounts and then the images, aromas, and feelings came flooding back. Yes, I've peeled my share of soiled big girl undies off my girls....and even better, was forced to do so for another child we were baby sitting. However, a couple pairs of the big girl undies didn't fair so well. For the friend we were babysitting, yes, I thrusted my hands deep in the toilet, swished it around, then as quickly as possible stuffed them into several plastic grocery bags. But, for my girls, their favortie undies met with a differet fate. Let me preface this by stating for the record, that I will deny all this if questioned by any legal authority, or more importantly, if ever asked the question, "Daddy, where are my Tinker Bell undies?" To the best of my fading recollection, the following alludes to the whereabouts of several soiled unmentionables: triple bagged and tossed in the dumpster; inadvertantly flushed down the toilet. The toilet flushing incident occured in a panic when attempting to return the bathroom fragrance to that of anything other than that of its present state as the paint was about start peeling off the walls. I do's dealing with the snakes that makes a man a DAD!

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