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Oh my- it's that time already! :) Let us know when the hoop is purchased, as it inevitably will be. ;)


The time committment is huge. My brother just informed me that he signed up his boys for football. During the summer there are practices Monday-Friday for two hours each day. However, once school starts the practices will be scaled back to only four days a week!!



"hair ribbon decorated with little basketballs"

I hope you bought that for Allie, or Leslie's right, you are a little too excited about this.


I think this is the aspect of looming parenthood that scares me the most - the activities.
Watching my sister-in-law and her husband juggle their three daughters and their activities and social lives makes me and my husband think that maybe we should just raise our children to have no interest in anything. We can all then just be lazy bumps on a log together ;)

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